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Founded in 2014, Diablogato has always existed on the outskirts of the Boston music scene. Misfit outsiders rolling on their own dime and bar-hopping through punk, rockabilly, twang, and whatever else. 

Location: Boston, MA
EST: 2014 
Label: Rum Bar Records
Drew Indingaro – Vocals/Guitar     Charlie MacSteven – Guitar
Jesse Lewis Mayer - Drums         Johnny Custom - Upright Bass
“Blasphemy is the type of song that is rooted in rockabilly, but just rocks too hard to quite be that genre. It's just straight up loud rock 'n' roll deeply rooted in early rock music, but still a modern song with a punk edge.”
“This is a blues rock-fueled sledgehammer, a nasty mid-tempo groove for all doomed people out there, pretty much all of us. No rest for the wicked. If we have to go down, let’s do it together while having bad-ass blasts like this on the stereo.”
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The Diablogato-branded NEIPA hits Lord Hobo’s Woburn taproom and select accounts around Massachusetts

Now you can drink Diablogato’s Lord Hobo beer while rocking out to them

By Michael Marotta

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